2MTL 357: "Time Heist" Reviewed

As a bank robber, the Doctor makes a surprisingly good bank robber. And Stephen Thompson turns in a story that is no "Curse of the Black Spot." I solemnly promise not to cite "Leverage" again this season.

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  1. I like the music choice as the podcast wraps up. 🙂 I felt like this was a pretty solid episode, as they go, but maybe too much recycling. I agree that the monster duo strongly echoes Hide, and I never believed that Psi and Saibre were dead. It was just too much like the "deaths" in Bad Wolf.

  2. The "recycling" is what struck and distracted me most on first viewing, but once I could put that aside, the episode got better and better. I think the fact that none of the main characters die (well, OK, I guess Madame Karabraxos does, but only after a long if not emotionally/spiritually full life, and not before a chance to do some repentance) gives it a very celebratory feeling. As the Ninth Doctor would have said, "Nobody dies today!" I think this episode may be a turning point in the Twelfth Doctor's personal journey.

    Glad to learn of your B5 podcast and will surely check it out!

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