2MTL 356: "Listen!" Reviewed

The latest in Steven Moffat's series of biological functionally-titled episodes, "Listen!" is entirely about hiding behind the sofa, and why we do that, and what greatness the fear that drives it might lead us to. And, to my great surprise, we get a profound look underneath the Doctor's mask.

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  1. Great comments (as always) on a great episode, Chip. I look forward to hearing your thoughts (reservations, sounds like) on the treatment of Clara in series 8 thus far.

    Not only is the Doctor not fearless – he is afraid of himself! I am convinced (more than ever after hearing you point out, rightly, that the Doctor is becoming self-aware) that, in some timey-wimey and intentionally ambiguous way, the Doctor is that figure under the blanket. Who else do we see hiding under a blanket because he doesn't want to be seen? Who else suddenly comes into Rupert's room unheard? Who else steals a cup of coffee, for goodness' sake? I feel as though Moffat "hid" the answer (Ok, one possible answer) in plain sight throughout, and I loved it. Not too many people seem to agree with me, and I grant the question of this week's monster's identity is more important than the answer – but that's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!

  2. I have to say, I'm a little unhappy with the negative appearance-based comments directed at Clara. I assume they're a misguided attempt to demonstrate the Doctor's disconnect.

    But I did enjoy your comments on this episode–about how it all came together–and I certainly did enjoy the episode.

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