2MTL 358: "The Caretaker" Reviewed

A rubbish brown coat (not the legendary Tennant overcoat, sadly, that would have been funny) is a paper-thin disguise for a Doctor who is a bit of a rubbish caretaker. While he endangers Coal Hill School to fire Jimmy Vee into space, Clara makes some rubbish attempts to keep her two worlds separate. The episode? Not at all rubbish. But it's time to talk about Clara, and how the Doctor and showrunner are treating her.

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  1. Thank you for your comments. It needs to be said.

    I also find the denigrating way the Doctor talks to Clara really off-putting. What happened to "never cruel"? The character of Strax was developed to be able to make really clueless comments like that, and the comments would be comical coming from that direction, but from the Doctor, they ring false. It's like a sledgehammer-attempt to make him more alien.

    I'd also like to see a little more evidence of the relationship between Clara and Danny. We know that Clara says she loves him, but we haven't seen much beyond them botching up the initial steps of the relationship, over and over.

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