2MTL 238: "The Wedding of River Song"

Sometimes, Moffat episode titles are complete red herrings. Or not. Sometimes, Moffat-produced two-parters are complete red herrings. Sometimes, mysterious characters are exactly who they're implied to be. Or not. Somewhere, deep within a Teselecta, hapless technicians are studying osculation. And somewhere, staying up far too late, Chip is reviewing the Series 6 finale.

(And so did the Guardian's Dan Martin.)

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  1. Nice work. Your podcasts are a welcome bit of good writing in the often rambling world of Doctor Who commentary. Please keep it up!

  2. Nice analysis and I have to say your description of 'a linear universe [making it virtually impossible] for a non-linear time traveller [to have] any sort of anonymity' sums up my reservations much more eloquently than I ever could.

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