2MTL 237: "Closing Time" for Doctor Who Confidential

Two, TWO podcasts for the price of one! How did "Closing Time" measure up to last year's "The Lodger," and how are those two episodes like a Doctor Who convention? Also, some thoughts about the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential.

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  1. Your latest reviews have been rather strangely alientated and negative and unfortunately certainly dont agree with your views on the BBC for Confidential being axed.

    I fail to see how it is a costly show to produce.

    My little boys love seeing how Dr Who is made, it gives them a sense of reality about the fantasy of the whole thing. Its a joy to see the actors behind the scenes.

    The BBC waste their money all the time on utter nothing shows. And I mean it, I dont just say this just cause I dont watch them but because they simply appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    You said "Dont blame them for the fact they cant afford to keep our favourite programmes on?" They are the ONLY ones who want to have TV License. Most of the UK do not want it and havent for a very long time and they continue to ignore this.

    If they are having money issues, they need to get modern and offer BBC Three (the channel DWC is on) and Four as additional channels that need to be paid for. A lot people have cable now and pay for their channels, so BBC should just use their sister channels within those packages.

    Nowadys, we arent bothered about having no adverts, its nice, but I would rather sit through adverts than pay £12 every month just to watch one or two shows a week. iPlayers, downloads and DVD releases happening quickly means people can easily enjoy the show sans adverts if it bothers them that much.

    Now with internet and iPlayer, their policies are even thinner on the ground, so I cannot support their reasons for cutting popular shows and keep their hundreds of awful junk on and I still have to pay £12 a month.

  2. I have to agree with you on your comments about Confidential – I can see doing an end-of-season review about how they did it; but I just don't get the outcry on Twitter. The BBC has to make some harsh business decisions – I say, better Confidential than the show itself.

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