2MTL 239: The All-Star Series 6.2 Roundtable (Time Dilation)

"After all, he wrote Coupling!"

If it's the end of Series 6 (and Series 6.2, or 6.5, or whatever…) then it's time for another gathering of writers and critics to hash it all out. Kyle Anderson makes his second appearance on the All-Star panel, joined this time by Deb Stanish and Lynne Thomas! (Frank Collins and Teresa Jusino from 2MTL #216 had unfortunate schedule conflicts.)

Why were parent-child relationships such a big deal this year? Are time travel plots getting TOO wibbly? Did Steven Moffat finally put an end to Romance in the TARDIS? (That's a pretty sizable "no" right there.) And what do we want from Series 7, whenever it surfaces?

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