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As a bank robber, the Doctor makes a surprisingly good bank robber. And Stephen Thompson turns in a story that is no "Curse of the Black Spot." I solemnly promise not to cite "Leverage" again this season.

2 Responses to 2MTL 357: "Time Heist" Reviewed

  1. Valerie says:

    I like the music choice as the podcast wraps up. 🙂 I felt like this was a pretty solid episode, as they go, but maybe too much recycling. I agree that the monster duo strongly echoes Hide, and I never believed that Psi and Saibre were dead. It was just too much like the "deaths" in Bad Wolf.

  2. Mike Poteet (@Bibliomike) says:

    The "recycling" is what struck and distracted me most on first viewing, but once I could put that aside, the episode got better and better. I think the fact that none of the main characters die (well, OK, I guess Madame Karabraxos does, but only after a long if not emotionally/spiritually full life, and not before a chance to do some repentance) gives it a very celebratory feeling. As the Ninth Doctor would have said, "Nobody dies today!" I think this episode may be a turning point in the Twelfth Doctor's personal journey.

    Glad to learn of your B5 podcast and will surely check it out!

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