2MTL 95: On Tennant "Fangirls" and Boys' Clubs

"The End of Time" was long on Tennant, and very short on Smith. This didn't give Smith much time to make an impression on those viewers who followed Doctor Who less than they followed Tennant himself. The Kasterborous website had a message for them.

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  1. I completely agree. That post was out of line.

    The point it makes is valid: Eccleston and Tennant were both met with initial dread, and later achieved acclaim, and so Smith should be given a chance. I'm all for that, and it's a perspective that those of us who have grown attached to Tennant would do well to remember.

    But to take that valid point and turn it around for use as grounds for antagonizing a segment of fandom is completely inappropriate. There are a lot of different reasons to love Doctor Who, and the leading man is a perfectly valid one.

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