2MTL 94: "Triumph of a Time Lord" TIME DILATION Interview with Dr. Matt Hills

We feature an extended, "Time Dilation" interview with Dr. Matt Hills of Cardiff University, whose book "Triumph of a Time Lord: Regenerating 'Doctor Who' in the Twenty-first Century" brings the worlds of academia and fandom together.

1:00 What kind of book is Triumph of a Time Lord?
3:10 The relationship between fans and producers
5:30 Fan antagonism?
7:54 Reformatting the show for the 2000s; will Moffat change it?
10:27 Does the new series lend itself to academic study more than the classic?
11:45 Is Doctor Who "mainstream," "cult," or both?
14:05 A fandom obsessed with ratings and AI numbers
15:33 Academically studying the things you love as a fan
18:13 Should fans give media studies a whirl?

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