2MTL 90: (SPOILERS) "The End of Time, Part One" Reviewed

And lo, the universe spake, and it said, "I loved it," "I hated it," and "I have no idea what just happened." And the host of the Two-minute Time Lord Podcast beheld "The End of Time, Part One," and chose two of the three.

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  1. Oh good lord. Get off the spectacle of the story and how about let's hope for a story that actually give us a narrative?

    Chip, as much as I love you, Doctor Who isn't about spectacle, it isn't about the things you champion in your podcast.

    you finally get on the mark in the last 5 seconds of your show – but it is too little, too late.

    The End of Time Pt 1 is an episode with no narrative, no coherence, a mixture of well acted scenes strung together with no thought given to any general idea of an ongoing story.

    However good/bad Pt 2 is, it doesn't make up for the awfulness that is Pt 1.

  2. Nice one, Chip. I think you get it about right. I loved it. Four stars about right. I think the Christmas episodes are tough. If other families are like mine, even at six, the room is full of noise and distraction, the little kids are playing and the adults have all had a few. You need a lot of visual stuff to shout over all that, and at the same time something a bit extra for the fans who will go back and watch again. All in all, exactly what we would have expected. The New Year's Day vibe will be a bit different and I expect the episode to be a touch more patient and dialogue-rich.

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