2MTL 89: EVERY RTD-era Episode Reviewed!

So. Um. This one's slightly longer than usual. Couldn't fit it all in two minutes, no matter how hard I tried. FOUR minutes, however, was just enough for me to review every — single — episode — since 2005. "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for, by reciting very quickly." Merry Christmas!

(By request, below the fold, the lyrical portion of our program.)

Within Partners in Crime we get
Our very best companion yet
And then sad Fires of Pompeii
Fixed-in-time Volcano Day
Planet of the Ood contains
A really goofy giant brain
Sontarans' Raynor is redeemed
With Doctor's Daughter I just screamed
Then Unicorn and Wasp was made
If Christie Fan Club dues were paid
Silent Lib'ry Forest Dead
Soapy, scary talking heads
In Midnight Doctor lost his smirk
It's Russell Davies' finest work
Next to shine was Cath'rine Tate
Turn Left was just simply great

STOL'N EARTH, Journey's End
Ev'rything but kitchen sink
Brilliant fan wank
Punch the air and take a drink!


God, no, a GIANT ROBOT?
Yes, a rubbish giant robot
(Fourth Doc fought a giant robot)

Oh, a flying bus again
At least it's not the Bannermen
It's fair except for these three words then
Houseflies in gray suits

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  1. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! We need a big production song and dance number for every podcast now!

  2. Chip, you have a great singing voice! Most impressive! You picked a very difficult song tune to sing, and I am delighted with the result. Well done, love the podcast, please don't hesitate to sing again when it takes your fancy. 😀

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