2MTL 68: A Time Lady's Take on Rose Tyler


(cough wheeze)

Your host is indisposed, so he turns the mike over to his patient spouse, who entered Doctor Who fandom as one of the "not we" (as non-fans or mainstream TV viewers are called on DW fora) thanks to a certain plucky shopgirl.

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  1. Well argued and well stated–I may not agree with everything said, but it's hard to find fault with it except for on matters of taste. Maybe Chip should take some time off and let his good lady do the podcast for a bit. Until all the ming-mongs cause her to run away as fast as she can.

  2. What you said was true. The old series companions were just people who follow look up to the Doctor as a mentor or wiser than they are. Rose was the first companion who consistantly questioned the Doctor. She was also the first companion to not only openly fell in love with the Doctor, but he loved her in return.

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