2MTL 67: The World vs. Rose Tyler?

Listener Katie Stuart asked in the comments for 2MTL #65 why online fandom seems to revile a character she loves, Rose Tyler. While I think the good folks at Bridging the Rift might have a better finger on the pulse of this subject, I'm happy to give it the old college try….

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  1. Chip–

    As always, very insightful–I think you nailed the underlying causes of the rampant Rose hating out there. Different people hate for different reasons, but once the hate is agreed upon, my oh my, but it does get ugly. If I had a podcast, I'd probably give you a run for your money in the pro-Rose camp, but I don't, so I can't. My annoyance is mainly saved for Martha Jones–poor Martha. *sigh* Incidentally, we all know that you were going to say Donna was your favorite companion…don't we?


    P.S.–I would give you a rave on iTunes, but I don't use it as I hate it with a fiery passion.

  2. Yeah so I don't actually visit this website much, but I do download the podcast from iTunes, so I was more than happy to add a review, hope you like it Chip!
    I enjoyed Rose's character up until Doomsday, after that I wasn't interested in here any more and I think Martha's character suffered simply because they chose not to let go of Rose

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