2MTL 58: If Torrents Become a Trickle, Will Doctor Who Be Delayed?

Unauthorized downloads of TV shows are a fact of life today, as are efforts to curb them. If a chilling effect sets in, how might that affect how quickly international Doctor Who networks release the show? If the pressure to compete with file-sharers lessens, would that mean a longer lag time between the U.K. and other nations?

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  1. Even if torrenting totally died tomorrow, something else would rise up and take its place.

    Believe it or not, there were ways of getting illegal content before BitTorrent was invented 😉

    It isn't the first, it isn't the last.

    Now since the US networks haven't been leaping energetically to give you guys day and date broadcasts of Who content (Torchwood notwithstanding), I don't see that changing if the 'threat' of torrenting went away.

    The whole '3 strikes and you are out' idea is one that is mooted every year, nothing changes.

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