2MTL 57: Toby Hadoke and the Future of "Moths"

Toby Hadoke generously spent some time on Skype with me to talk about the last few (apparently, for now…but "never say never…") performances of his fantastic one-man show, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf. We talked about how it feels to wrap up the show, and what it's like to perform it in front of an audience of convention-going fans who can fact-check him trivia point for trivia point.

As usual, there will be a "Time Dilation" edition of the 2MTL podcast several days from now with the full, roughly 15-minute version of the interview — probably 2MTL #60.

(I'm looking forward to seeing "Moths" live for my first (and last?) time at Hurricane Who in Orlando, Florida, this October.)

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