2MTL 416: Let Clara Kiss Jane

Alyssa, author of the Whovian Feminism blog (whovianfeminism.tumblr.com), wrote an essay called "A Love Letter to My Problematic Favs." In it, she said:

I try to let myself love my favorite characters as much as I can, even when they can sometimes make me so uncomfortable I can’t bear to watch them onscreen. I try to defend them against criticism I think is unfair (after all, female characters come in for a disproportionate amount of sexist criticism), while at the same time trying to keep my mind open to new critical perspectives.

Maintaining a healthy perspective is tough, and we don’t always strike the right balance. But ultimately, that challenge can be a rewarding experience. In struggling to come to terms with all the ways I love and have been let down by my problematic favs, I think I’ve become a better feminist and fangirl.

Chip invited Alyssa to reflect a month later on what she wrote. As fate would have it, that turned out to be the same time that representation and fan entitlement became a hot topic.

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  1. You are owed nothing. No one is owed anything from TV shows or movies. We aren't even owed TV shows at all we are lucky to be entertained by the talented writers and producers of Doctor Who and if there isn't the content you want maybe you shouldn't watch.

    This goes for anyone who complain's about the show on the regular. If you don't like it don't watch but don't stand there and make demands like your opinion somehow matters more than anyone else's.

    You say you aren't entitled, this rant certainly makes you sound entitled.

    Now I'm all for LBGTQ content in Doctor Who or any show for that matter. But don't stand there and act like your owed anything. No one is owed anything.

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