2MTL 415: Entitlement?

Is it "entitlement" to advocate for change in the media you consume? Are you a bad fan, or even a bully, if you want to see something different in Doctor Who? Maybe there's a difference between having an opinion on the internet and being a threat. Maybe we can do something about the latter without trying to shame the former.

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  1. As someone who has been a long time fan of both you and Devin this is very strange.

    I know of few people who have used their position of power to call for more diversity on and behind the screen than Devin Faraci.I have seen him get attack and threatend for years for saying that we should expect better our entertainment to be good and reflect our modern world. He is 100% percent one of the good guys and he believes in the power and importance of story telling and in criticism.

    Seeing the other sides of my internet not only talk about him but mis-characterize him so severely has made me very uncomfortable.

    When you say that Devin thinks people should shut up and be a consumer it is to someone who knows what he stands for like him saying Chip Sudderth hates David Tennant's Doctor Who.

    I'm not trying to attack you Chip because I am a big fan but this episode just seems like it came from Bizzaro World to someone who knows who Devin is.

  2. Devin's stance on diversity was not my focus. My first Twitter summary says it all: "2MTL challenges recent columns equating fanfic, hashtag campaigns and harassment as 'entitled fans'."

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