2MTL 372: Three Doctors, One Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell has a dream project with Titan Comics: a crossover event with all three stars of their ongoing DOCTOR WHO series! It's early yet, so Paul is circumspect about the plot, but you can find out who his artistic collaborator will be and discover the tone of this highly anticipated team-up of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. PLUS an update on Paul's SHADOW POLICE series of novels!

Want to buy the miniseries at your local comics shop? Here's a proper Calendar of Events:

  • May 2 (Free Comic Book Day): Titan will present a free comic featuring three Doctor Who stories and a teaser for the miniseries including an interview with Paul.
  • May 20: PREVIEWS, the Diamond Comic Distributors ordering catalog, goes online . You can fill out the order form and take it to your comics shop.
  • May 27: Paper copies of PREVIEWS arrive at your shop.
  • June 24: This is your last chance to tell your shop to order an extra copy for you!
  • August 12: Issue 1!
  • August 15: Doctor Who Comics Day, with Paul and other creators making store appearances around the world.
  • August 19-September 9: Issues 2-5!

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