2MTL 371: Conventional Wisdom

Reflections on conventions in general and Gallifrey One in particular: why they matter and how I hope to make the most of them this year.

Special thanks to all of the people with positive feedback on my segment for Radio Free Skaro Live!

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  1. Very nice to hear the changes in Gallifrey's ticket swapping program (indeed, the elimination of it). That might give some of us a fighting chance… I live in hope that I'll be able to afford it someday – it'll take a lot more than skipping Starbucks for me.

    I've been putting off listening to the piles of Gally podcasts out of simple jealousy, but with MystiCon, where I got to get my DW geek on, behind me and (Re)Generations just ahead, it's fun to go back to hear how all my favorite 'casters enjoyed the big event.


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