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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful review of the Crimson Horror. When I first looked at live, last saturday, I thought it was an interesting backdrop, all that victorian industrial poverty and philantropist do gooding, with a horror twist.

    Jenny was extremely good in it and held the first half of the story together, but I felt the story had too many gags and general slap-stick, in it. With Gatiss you are bound to get some comedy in it, it just depends how much. I have since re-watched the story and I appreciated it much more, taking in more some of the little details. What I still didn't like was some of the brash music all the time, which took away from some of the acting and I hated the gang with the base ball bats being beaten up by jenny (abit of fun, but was it in keeping with the rest of the episode). I surpose that's what you get with gatiss, alot of horror, mystery, good and bad comedy and the ridiculous smashing with chairs. Diana Rigg was good and her character's daughter even better. An intriguing mixed bag for me. Approaching his best story.

  2. Interestingly, I mostly disliked "Rings of Akhaten" but thoroughly enjoyed "Crimson Horror" ( I didn't think Mrs. Gillyflower's motives for triggering the Apocalypse were *completely* unexamined: you're right, they're only cloaked in religion, but I think she is on some kind of euphoric "high" from her, um, close communion with Mr. Sweet (an effect both goofy and ghastly at the same time). That nectar of his must be powerful stuff!

    What did you think of Ada? I know, you can only cover so much in 120 seconds – and what you covered, you covered admirably, as always. Thanks for this.

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