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  1. Hey, Chip – I entirely agree with you about this episode's main flaw ( I will look forward to hearing what you have to say about the race and class issues. That worry crossed my mind, too – we haven't (that I can recall) seen many actors of color in modern Who lately, and it's too bad that, when we do, they are playing futuristic trash collectors. On the other hand, these characters did not *have* to be black (which I suppose cuts both ways – since they didn't have to be, why were they?), and I found all three of them far more interesting than anything else in the hour.

    Your concise way of cutting to the heart of things is a model, as always! You are one reason I've recently been trying to cut my often-rambling "TARDIS Talks" down to the neighborhood of 1000 words. Thanks for your diligent and expert sharing of insight with all of us!

  2. Bravo Chip, bravo. You hit all the same points we made in our podcast. For years we have waited for a journey in the TARDIS interior, but what we get is this scary environment that belies the wonder that should be the TARDIS interior. The TARDIS is a thing of wonder, but for modern fans it is now a scary places that nobody should venture into. And that is wrong. So many of the plot points in this story are positively wretched. This is a disappointing look into a machine that should have been a 45 minute journey into the wonders of the most original travel capsule in science fiction.

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