2MTL 219: The Summerfielding of Torchwood?

Torchwood: Miracle Day is coming! Just a bit more…slowly…for British viewers. Why is that, and how might Torchwood come to resemble the adventures of a time-traveling archaeologist?

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  1. As a British fan I will wait. I can see why people are annoyed we get everything thing late films, big tv shows we always have to wait now we don't even get Doctor Who/Torchwood first anymore. The point allot of British fans are bringing up they did pay for the first 3 series with the licence fee. Also watching Torchwood on BBC 3 which was tough to watch but did it anyway help get it promoted to BBC 2 then 1. But I also agree in a way with what fans outside the UK saying now you know how we feel or Starz paid for it so deal with it. As I said I will wait and I really can't wait for the new series.

  2. The BBC could show it within 24 hours, as they have revealed in an official reply to complaints:

    "Contractually, the broadcasters in other territories can transmit from the next day onwards but being as close to the transmission in the US is not the only factor in the scheduling decision. We have identified what we think is the best slot for BBC One viewers and have also ensured that it's within a week of transmission in the US."


    Reading between the lines, what "We have identified what we think is the best slot" means is that the BBC is trying to boost its damaged ego by exerting some semblance of control over when it goes out. Showing it the next day, would be in the interest of fans and the programme, but would also highlight that the BBC was subordinate to Starz. Keeping everyone waiting allows the BBC management to feel they are still in charge, even if for all other reasons the decision makes no sense. It's the "best slot" for them, not anyone else.

  3. The BBC can show it *after* 24 hours of being broadcast on Starz, that should have been, not "within".

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