2MTL 218: "The Long Game" Two-minute Throwback

Think of "The Long Game" as the mirror-universe version of "Torchwood: Children of Earth." Many of the same attitudes and philosophies Russell T. Davies portrayed in that later, much better work are present in "The Long Game." But in a cheap-sets far-future playground, it's much harder to muster finesse…

Shannon Patrick Sullivan's excellent A Brief History of Time (Travel) site breaks down the production of "The Long Game".

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  1. Chip, I know you're a great B5 fan (loved the April 1 2MTL and comments from the guys @ the DWP).

    Not sure if you've heard about the Babble On project @ geekplanetonline.com – but they're recording with JMS on July 14 – and are taking questions for Joe.

    You've probably done oodles of conventions with JMS and other B5 folks – something we miss out bigtime here on New Zealand.

    Anyway, love the Podcast, espeically the clarity you bring to it. Like the time dialtion editions as well – good to listen to on the road while driving!

    worf359, NZ

  2. Thanks for the heads-up; I'll be sure to listen! And thanks for the compliments about 2MTL.

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