2MTL 172: Top Gear meets Doctor Who in "Max Warp"

Right there at the intersection of the Venn diagram between the gearheads and the Whovians is Big Finish's Eighth Doctor Adventure, "Max Warp." Does this Top Gear parody spin out or catch fire?

Another take: The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-38.

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  1. Interesting take on a very British play. For me, Big Finish often get carried away with a format idea without really thinking about how it will play out in story terms. BFs core audience is already a niche within a niche (Dr Who fans who want to hearing more classic stories on audio) and adding another niche on top(top gear fans) does not appear make a great deal of sense. On top of that, it was all so cheesy!

    BFs paradoies of British tv programmes are usually fairly weak. Max Warp is completely confusing and downright odd if you do not watch Top Gear. The most recent offence was Situation Vacant – where the Apprentice format was clearly of paramount importance and compromised both the introduction of the new companion and the telling of a half-way decent story. Someone should have realised at an early stage that persuring a format idea relentlessly is bound to hamper just about every element of telling a story. I have a strong feeling that aside from a very small core of fans, the people who will enjoy these kind of stories the most, are the guys producing it.

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