2MTL 171: "Rose" Two-minute Throwback

Beginning an occasional subset of 2MTL podcasts, in which I give a two-minute (more or less, time's a relative dimension and all that) review of Doctor Who episodes since 2005. We begin with "Rose," perhaps the only episode in which we got a fair look at the Ninth Doctor.

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  1. Nice one, Chip, as always. Great point about this is the only time we get to see Ecclestone without thinking of him as a short-term doctor. I would say that Rose is one of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who ever. It could so easily have been ponderous, dealing with regeneration and continuity, or fanfare-like, endlessly saying "Hey, we're back", but it resists those temptations and just gets on with the narrative as if the show has never been away. The doctor just happens to be dashing around London, and the camera has picked up his adventures again. It's just wonderful.

    Great point too about the episode as an entry point into the season; I agree about Smith and Jones and the Eleventh Hour as two other great entry points. I think I'd add Christmas Invasion too as a very good entry point to a new viewer.

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