2MTL 159: I'm Grumpy About Mitchell Being Grumpy About Doctor Who

Resolved: There's absolutely nothing wrong with Doctor Who being made for kids AND adults, regardless of what comedian David Mitchell says. I'm more worked up about kids' properties being taken over BY adults, such as The Transformers, than about adults sharing in the enjoyment of a program that appeals to all ages.

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  1. Totally agree – the New Adventures were written for new fans. They were (apparently) written for fans like me who had been 10 years old in the seventies.

    As for David Mitchell? Who cares? Don't know who he is and barely have the energy to look him up on Wikipedia 🙂

  2. David Mitchell has an excellent show called 'The Bubble' and I have enjoyed some of his comments on 'QI'.

    But Chip. I seem to remember you once defending him. Is this no longer going to be now?

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