2MTL 158: Series 6 and Series 7 in 2011? Madness!

As widely reported, Steven Moffat announced at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh TV Festival 2010 that rather than a single 13-episode series of Doctor Who in 2011, we'll get two shorter series in the spring and fall. Related pros, cons, speculation and unreasonable demands lie within!

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  1. Might have something to do with Moffat and Gatis being able to work on the next season of Sherlock.

  2. I tend to agree with you Chip (and just not because you name check me in the ep!).

    Seasons are short enough as it without making them even shorter – 13 weeks went by very quicky with Season 5 – imagine how quick 6/7 eps will go by?

    I think not only will there be a chance to have more condensed story arcs, but there will be the irresistable opportunity to have two big season enders in a year – now Moffatt kinda got away with this year's, but will magic strike twice, and a third time?


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