2MTL 147: Revisiting "Vincent and the Doctor"

While the U.K. suffers the beginning of the Long Night Without Doctor Who, the U.S. and Canada have only gotten around to "Vincent and the Doctor," very much an outlier among the whole of Series 5. Thoughts about character development, starry nights and Fandom Wars (TM) within!

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  1. These podcasts are never miss, Chip. Keep up the good work. The last few some of the best you have done. 2MTL has definitely risen to the top of the food chain, in a large…ah…chain.

  2. I also think this is the best episode of the season. In fact, the scene in the museum near the end of the episode is one of the best, most emotion-driven character moments I've seen on TV in quite a while.

    I keep thinking that the only thing that's come close lately was the Lost series finale. But, even then, the emotional character moments in that episode felt rushed and were drowned out by the adrenaline-pumping moments and the underlying question of what twist or revelation might come next. But, in the museum scene in this DW episode, the makers did a good job of putting science fiction, fantasy, monsters, time travel, etc. aside for a moment and just making a scene with smart dialogue, heartfelt character interaction, and poignant music.

    I'm not even a huge Doctor Who fan (giving it another chance this whole season after a 3.25 year hiatus), nor am I that crazy about the beginning or middle of this episode, but I really appreciate how well the last few minutes were handled. Very nicely done. Makes me want more.

  3. Great podcast as usual, Chip. This episode said everything I had in my head about "Vincent & the Doctor" but haven't been able to clearly express. Thanks for explaining it.

  4. That was a great podcast! I agree that we should see more focus on character development rather than solely plot-driven episodes. I really didn't think Amy's Choice delved deep enough into the characters, and it felt detached and rushed. But Vincent and the Doctor was gripping. It was the only episode that I immediately watched a second time after first seeing it. The starry night scene is perhaps my favorite scene in all of new series Who!

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