2MTL 146: Uncle Erik Explains "The Big Bang"

An aggrieved Erik from Bridging the Rift joins me for a lightning round of answers to supposedly unanswered questions that were answered in "The Big Bang."

Did you get that?

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  1. Great podcast with Erik and some good answers. However, one big question he didn't address. Why did Amy not remember the Daleks invading and the Stolen Earth? You could say it was because of the crack in her bedroom, but later the Doctor states that the whole world had forgotten the CyberKing attack on Victorian London, inferring that its a bigger deal. Over to you boys…

  2. The cracks were everywhere and the cracks were big and the cracks were causing whole worls to vanish–while the Doctor never explicitly mentions it, one is left to conclude that the cracks ate the Daleks and the Cyberking. However, I am willing to concede that it may be more complicated than that. Instead, for example, the cracks may have simply interfered so much with previous events in the timeline that the Cyberking rise and the Dalek snatching simply never happened. So, short answer: the cracks. Long answer: the cracks, but we're not sure how. 100% honest answer: this should have been explained better and may yet still be picked up by the production team.

  3. Thanks Erik. Those are very helpful observations. I still hold that the 'missing' CyberKing is a bigger deal because it presumably affects the whole world, rather than just Amy. Could be a Moffatt re-write or retcon of the RTD 'alien aware' world, but if it was, I would have thought Moffatt would have made this much clearer. Perhaps it will remain an untidy, missing thread or, as you say, be explained next year.

  4. I've only watched the episode the once and it's probably just my own failure to pay attention but… how is it that Amy's (little) Dad and Mum (and Rory for that matter) are aware of The Doctor when Amy first starts to remember him into existence during the wedding reception? Amy's Mum starts to say something about Amy having been through therapy and Rory clearly realises she's talking about the supposedly imaginary 'Raggedy Doctor' – isn't the entire point supposed to be that up until Amy does rememeber him he's ceased to exist completely and therefore there was no encounter with little Amelia in this timeline and therefore Rory and her parents shouldn't know about him either? If that's not the case, and the encounter with little Amelia did happen in this – shortlived – version of the timeline, then why didn't Amelia remember The Doctor into existence the next morning, when she presumably told her parents and subsequently Rory about the 'Raggedy Doctor'? Really enjoyed the episode all the same, just set me a pondering…

  5. Mike: When the Doctor is speaking to 7-year-old Amy as she sleeps, he says she will dream of him–after that, he literally becomes her imaginary friend that she believes is real contrary to the fact that, technically in this timeline he wasn't.

    Does that make any sense–I'm hopped up on pain meds right now, so it might be a bit less clear that I would like. 🙂

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