Where's 2MTL?

Two-minute Time Lord podcasts have been sporadic of late (an overused cutesy phrase online that translates to "Have been published at a rate approaching that of Harper Lee novels"), and I wanted to check in and explain.

Surprisingly, considering the length, 2MTL episodes take a lot of energy and focus. They're mostly scripted; I'm a writer by trade and I've given myself a tight format when I'm not doing Time Dilation segments, so I'm conscientious about each word and I want every podcast to be meaningful.

In recent weeks I've had a lot of evening meetings and appointments while at the same time dealing with an extended run of insomnia. That's left me with limited gas in the tank, which I've been saving for The Audio Guide to Babylon 5. 2MTL and Doctor Who are of course my first loves, but I can't let down my B5AG cohosts and right now it's easier to carry on a conversational podcast on a set schedule.

There's no formal hiatus; 2MTL will return soon. In the meantime, please check out B5AG and thanks for your support.

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  1. Hey Chip,

    Your absence from 2MTL is noticed and missed, but your presence as occasional co-host of RFS and regular on AGB5 is always a treat and I always enjoy and appreciate your contributions.

    I hope the work and insomnia get better (as a fellow sufferer I appreciate the strain that can put on a person) and whenever you do get back to it, I'll be patiently waiting. After all, there's lots to talk about, but no actual new Nu Who at the moment!


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