Other Podcasts I've Haunted Recently

It's been a while since I mentioned my appearances on other podcasts (some were planned, some not so much!), so here's a rundown.

  • DWO WhoCast: Trevor and I talked about the first three Colin Baker "Lost Stories" for Big Finish in episode 168 and dissected Steven Moffat again — or at least, his second DWM interview — in 169. Coming up in 175 I'll have some interviews recorded at Gallifrey 21, and then we'll see if Trev's had enough of me. (Have you heard that Tom guy? He's awesome.)
  • Radio Free Skaro: We'll not talk (much) about what it took to get there, but the Gallifrey 21 prequel confab of eight podcasters around a lobby table happened in episode 183 (you'll hear me for a nanosecond). RFS also recorded the podcasting panel, which is shared in 186 along with a bonus interview of the IDW comic's creative team Tony Lee and Matthew Dow Smith by Steven and me.
  • Doctor Who: Podshock: Tractor beams drew me across the Gallifrey 21 lobby to a table outside Champions commandeered by the Podshock crew. Thus, I found myself part of their "halftime show" reviewing Gally to that point: episode 185.

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