Announcing "This Week in Time Travel"

Joining The Incomparable podcast network on March 28, Alyssa Franke, I, and some of our friends and (dare we say) Companions will take a look at the week that was–and the week that will be–in the worlds of Doctor Who. New episodes of This Week in Time Travel will drop every Tuesday.

I'm super excited to get to talk about Doctor Who with other people on a regular basis, but I'm not planning to abandon 2MTL entirely. Whenever there's a short essay on This Week in Time Travel, we'll share it right here as well.

Our first episodes will include interviews with good folks like Titan Comics Twelfth Doctor artist Rachael StottDoctor Who alum and Chalk author Paul Cornell, and Kim Rogers and Sage Young of the influential Head Over Feels. Join us, won't you? We're at or you can find us at The Incomparable. Follow us on Twitter at @drwhothisweek and visit our Facebook page. And subscribe to This Week in Time Travel on your podcatcher of choice!

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