2MTL #99: Would an American Doctor Who Work?

Following up on 2MTL #97, we look at the mention-in-passing of Jane Tranter possibly maybe hypothetically exploring an American Doctor Who remake. EVERYBODY PANIC?

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  1. I would rather see the BBC pull Doctor Who from TV and restrict all rights, preventing anyone else from using it before seeing it done on American television.

    Quality British shows do not do well when remade for an American audience, Life on Mars, for example and of course, the Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann.

    I'm fearful in regards to Torchwood due to the value system in this country, which will prevent a smooth transition from the British Torchwood to here.

    Doctor Who just shouldn't happen. Don't even think of it. It would never work here. Look at the quality of our own shows. That should tell the BBC something.

    *hides in a corner, fearing the worse*

  2. I'll grant you that the hit rate is pretty low, but it can be done. The Office transitioned over to the USA reasonably well, for example.

    It would have to be pretty damn good to overcome most Who fan's expectations, though, and I rather think the show is too quirky to survive the American market for long. Pushing Daiseys couldn't last, for instance. And if you de-quirked it enough to live in hostile waters, would it really be Dr. Who anymore?

    Put me in the "skeptical but willing to watch a pilot and pray" category.

  3. Said Hollywood Reporter article didn't actually directly quote Tranter as saying any such thing; it read more like the journalist filling some column space with speculation. Don't Panic. 🙂

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