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  1. I'm *really* afraid for this project now. Fox has too much of a history lately of developing something really good, then screwing it over royal.

  2. The whole idea of Torchwood being Americanized, so to speak, scares the *bleep*… oops… sorry, we're in America, that would be censored. As it stands, there is no way that Torchwood from the UK would be allowed on network television here without a lot of censoring, thus ruining the entire feel for the show.

    Do you really think the quick scene of naked hide and seek would be shown? How about the alien sex in the bathroom? If the prudish American censors (yes, I'm in the US) were forced to sit and watch the entire series of Torchwood, they would keel over from a heart attack.

    Hm. Now there's an idea. With them out of the way, maybe American television would stand a chance with better quality shows. Who am I kidding. The show would also have to be "dumbed down" for the American audience.

    I think I'll stick with BBCAmerica and DVDs for my fix with quality British entertainment.

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