2MTL 92: "I Don't Want to Go" – The End of Time, Part Two

The end of an era, considered.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Chip! I published my blog post on this EoT as this came on the feed–otherwise, I almost certainly would have integrated (i.e., stolen) some of your stuff. Still, though, I can't quite bring myself to go where you went–and maybe that's because I never quite warmed to the 10th Doctor the way others have. At the end of the day, I'm first and foremost a fan of the show and I am more excited for what is to come than sad for what we have lost.

    And, before I go insane trying to remember, what's the source about the young man's thrill at his own existence?

  2. "Planet of the Spiders." If you were a real fan of the show….

    (Grinning, ducking and running.)

  3. Excellent comments … similar feelings execpt that the RTD/Chris/David era is my first exposure to Doctor Who. This seemed such a final experience as I would expect from a show going off the air forever. I am going to miss David but will give Matt a chance to keep me engaged with the Who-verse.

  4. As ever, an excellent podcast – though I will say I don't agree with your take on what regeneration means. Once again I think RTD has gotten a bit loosey goosey with Who canon just to accomplish some dramatic goal of his own.

    Keep up the good work Chris – and Happy Anniversary!

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