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  1. I thought there was a simpler reason for the current Doctor to be afraid of regenerating without a very good reason: he's running out of lives. If we go with the canonical "12 regenerations" rule and he's on his tenth, then he's only got three more lives before he dies for good and the history of the Time Lords and Gallifrey fade away forever. I don't know how much of the Tenth Doctor's antics should be put down to his personality or the fact that he's going through his mid-life crisis now.

  2. You know, Jon Pertree put up a fight somewhat as well. it was somewhat more understated, but it was over at least three stories starting with The Green Death and ending with Planet of the Spiders.

  3. I wonder if the Tenth Doctor doesn't want to "die" alone. The Ninth Doctor sacrificed himself saving Rose, and I know several of the other Doctors had companions at the time of regeneration. He also seemed to be really affected by The Master refusing to regenerate to spite him.

    Another thought is that The Doctor is displeased with himself after his failed attempt at being "Time Lord Victorious." He may feel a need to do penance before his own demise, for fear that an unbalanced account might cause his next persona to be arrogant or selfish.

  4. All very interesting comments here. I like Rick's one about the unbalanced account. I have always considered a regeneration as a bit of a spin of the wheel. There is no pre-destiny in regeneration – you get what you get.

    Remember Davison did the ultimate act of self sacrifice and we got an arrogant selfish Doctor after him.

    I think it has a lot to do with my great fear for Matt Smith's reign as the Doctor – nobody is going to accept him.

    Tennant is truly THE Doctor, a Doctor we haven't been able to call by that capitalized accent since perhaps the 4th Doctor's reign.

    Is the crazy, always god-like worship of this era of Doctor Who bleeding over into the writing? Do we truly now have such a selfish Doctor that he can't see the persona carrying on without him?

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