2MTL 65: Two-minute Miscellany

Gosh, what a lot of news we've recently had in the Doctor Who world! I'm breathless. Or perhaps I'm exhausted from my attempt to ape Yahtzee Croshaw in this week's quick survey of three topics:

  • A quick follow-up on last episode's questions about Doctor Who's future on the TV of Tomorrow!!! thanks to Smart Money magazine. (The web page will try to talk to you. Scroll down and stop the annoying video.)
  • Mr. Tony Lee has a new original graphic novel coming out — the Dracula sequel Harker. You should get it. And we should see some long-form Doctor Who OGNs while we're at it.
  • "I sense danger, Mistress!" "Oh, K-9, they're not after you. They're after the people who made that new trailer."

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  1. Hello,
    First, I have to say that I'm huge fan of your commentaries and always listen to them with great interest.
    This time, however, I have a question that has nothing to do with the theme of your commentary but that is more about Doctor who and … fans, I guess.
    I've been around livejournal for a while and I'd like to know your opinion about what I think I have witnessed: hate for Rose. Here is my question: is Rose really unpopular or is it just me? And why? Who daily recommended an "article" written by a fan about how Charley pwned Rose. I mean, I have NEVER seen any articles about how Donna pwned Martha or Jaimie pwned Fitz… Such "articles", even well argumented would be viewed as bashing and never ever recommended.
    Then, there are a few fanfictions where Rose, in Pete's world, becomes suddenly a kind of shrew and poor Ten 2 is a martyr…. eventually killing her for the good of humanity before hooking up with his one true love: sweet alt!Reinette/Joan/Martha/Donna/…
    And those are popular and nominated for fan awards… and the writers DO believe Rose is soooo evil, and selfish and immature and unworthy of the Doctor's affection.
    Is she? Do you think Rose was that way? Or was she badly written (I don't think so)? Or do fans just don't like their hero to have a love interst (just you wait for Moffat!)?
    Why is Rose Tyler such an unpopular character (while being so awesome)?

  2. Thanks for writing, Katie! Fans' reactions to Rose may be a topic better suited for exhaustive discussion on Bridging the Rift — nudge, nudge, Nat and Katrina — but if you can hang on until 2MTL 67 in about a week, I'll try to give you my answer.

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