2MTL 52: Why I Follow Doctor Who

A while back in 2MTL #37, I questioned whether Doctor Who could ever grow beyond a cult phenomenon in the U.S. Now, the show's reception at SDCC was phenomenal, so that's a hopeful sign. (On the other hand, SDCC loved Serenity as well.) I promised at the end of #37 that I'd share my reasons for bucking the trend as an American fan. Here, just a little late thanks to this tiny little thing called Torchwood, is my 120-second response — and a request.

So why do you follow Doctor Who? Send me a link to an audio file with your one-sentence answer — "I follow Doctor Who because…" — at webmaster AT twominutetimelord DOT com and I'll edit my favorites together into a future 2MTL podcast! Agree with me, disagree with me, it's all good; different sorts of Doctor Who fans will blend together in this podcast as well as Colin Baker's coat!


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  1. Wow, what an info dump! Lovely to hear your thoughts on why you like Doctor Who.

    It just shows that the fans of the show are just as diverse as the show itself is.


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