2MTL #4: A Teachable Regeneration

If I were Russell T. Davies — I'd be taller. But I'd also have my own ideas about how to pull off one of the most anticipated regenerations in Doctor Who's history. Here's my take with a twist: using the regeneration as a teachable and painless moment to help kids and not a few adults prepare for experiencing grief.

During Marty's interview in DWO WhoCast 106, Sylvester McCoy said something very apt about Doctor Who's ability to teach its viewers. Many thanks to Trevor and Marty for sharing that excerpt with me.

My inspiration for this subject was Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor who turned his battle with pancreatic cancer into a series of teachable moments. His book about his famous "Last Lecture" is a field manual to not only leaving a legacy, but also living life to the fullest.

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  1. Amazing insight there Chip. Yes, I'm going back and listening to all your episodes now.

    How did you manage to sneak inside Davies head to pull this one out? Or did you perform an Inception? The world needs to know!

  2. Wow! What a prediction, Chip! I, too, wish to know your secret. Lol

    I became a Who fan in 2012 but only found your podcast, along with Verity and RFS, late last year. I enjoy your insights and so will listen to them all! Cheers.

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