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  1. Great comments, Chip! I have to disagree with you about Missy, though – I thought she was perfectly villainous start to finish, and certainly more so than last week. Everything The Master did this week was designed to off Clara and save the Doctor (all for herself) in one stroke. I didn't *really* think she'd succesfully manipulate the Doctor into killing Dalek Clara (what is it with Clara as a Dalek?!), but I was on the edge of my seat all the same. (And I think Missy made it so that Clara could say nothing but "Exterminate" and "I am a Dalek" – I don't believe for a minute Daleks are saying "I love you" all the time.)

    Maybe since I've only been a fan since 2010, it didn't seem terribly overindulgent an episode to me, but I can appreciate that point of view; and I agree with you 100% about the Doctor and Davros' outstanding scenes.

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