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  1. Sorry guys, looking forward to hearing a more objective view of the first episode, and 2MTL didn't give it to me.

    Too much gushing doesn't leave much room to actually properly review.

  2. Sorry you didn't care for it, but I'm grateful to Mark for submitting it. I think there's always a place for enthusiasm, and the two-minute format has its limitations.

  3. Hi Pauline. Yes, it was a bit of a gush, but it was an instant review, recorded straight after the episode. To do it spoiler free and in short format and instantly, especially when one has loved the episode, makes it likely to be like it was, fairly enthusiastic. But I have not changed my mind on the main points: (1) RTD focus on BBC drama style characterization of the kind that made the episode feel at home on BBC1 9pm; (2) The new character of Lois through which the new viewer can begin to explore the bizarre world of Torchwood. Cheers, Mark

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