2MTL 374: "The Stone Rose" Revisited

My The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 cohost, occasional 2MTL contributor and spouse, Shannon, returns with a review of the recently reissued The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner — but does she do so with Rose-colored glasses?

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  1. The Stone Rose is curiously the very first NSA novel I got, I wanted an audiobook and that was one of the best rated DW novel at Audible.com back then, and David Tennant narration just sealed the deal.

    Truth is I remember it wasn't one of my favorites, I think found it too slow and the plotholes did take me out of the story, maybe because I was used to the faster format of the show, it's true that plotholes weren't worst than some of the show plotholes but you're right that without the dynamic visuals they were more difficult to swallow. After that one I read many other NSA novels and got more used to the longer format, so maybe I should check The Stone Rose again and give it another chance. I AM a shameless Rose/Doctor shipper too after all =)

    My favorite tie-in novels with Rose were the Ninth Doctor novels, and for tie-in material with Ten, I think I prefered when he went on solo adventures (and I'm still waiting patiently for the BBC to see the light and give Big Finish the rights to–at least–the RTD Doctors so I can have new adventures with the characters)

    So… Is 2MTL reviewing any more tie-in novels or expanded universe?

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