2MTL 370: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of "Rose"

From Gallifrey One, here's my celebration of the 10th anniversary of the airing of "Rose." Thanks to my friends at Radio Free Skaro for inviting me to share the stage once more for their Friday morning live show, "Behind the Magic".

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  1. Chip, this is absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much.

    Ten years ago, I noted the arrival of "Doctor Who" on The Sci-Fi Channel, watched the first two episodes and tuned out, unimpressed. It took Matt Smith's debut in 2010 to get me to give the show another look, and I'm certainly glad I did. I still don't choose to rewatch the Ninth Doctor very much, but I do have an appreciation of that season not only for itself but also for what it did in bringing back this show and this character. So thank you, also, for sharing your fandom with relative newbies like myself!

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