2MTL 353: "Deep Breath" Reviewed

Peter Capaldi delivers. Of that, there was no doubt. What else does "Deep Breath" have going for it, and does it measure up to Steven Moffat's first crack at introducing a Doctor?

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  1. Deep Breath is a really good episode. The acting and production values were incredible. The characterization was amazing. The plot was fun and really creepy.


  2. I enjoyed Deep Breath. It was fun to watch, and I enjoyed getting to know a new Doctor. I did think it was maybe a bit heavy-handed in the "Look, it's okay that he's a new Doctor" message, but maybe some fans need that.

    The dinosaur was a bit of a disappointment. It was a gimmick that was dispatched conveniently early on in the story.

    I liked Clara in this episode more than I have previously. And I thought Strax was spot-on this time round.

  3. Loved the "Have you seen this face before? I have, but I can't place it." nod to the Pompeii episode. And how Clara discovers this really IS the Doctor she knows.

  4. Great review, Chip (and not just because your choice of "11th Hour" as the best since '05 sits well with me). Haven't listened to your take on "Into the Dalek" yet, but the Doctor in that episode makes him in this one seem like a ray of sunshine by comparison…!

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