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  1. No! Not The Doctor's Wife! He needs a solid idea of who the TARDIS is before that. It would be like watching a regeneration episode without any idea Who is being left behind!

  2. Blink? Not sure an episode that isn't really a Doctor Who story is a way to introduce a fan to the world of Doctor Who. Blink might not be a gateway drug, but its one to try later when you move onto the harder stuff.

    An introductory ep for new Who is a tough one. Go for a more standalone story – Tooth and Claw is a standout. The effects are good, and it even subtly sets up the Torchwood thing.

    And what, Doctor's Wife? Pretty much all the stories you suggested in your show are drugs for people who have already made an investment in the show. Doctor's Wife is not an introductory story for a new fan.

    Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel might be a good gateway drug story. Reintroduces a classic villain, isn't continuity heavy and the companions have stuff to do.

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