2MTL 327: The Night of the McGann, or, "Capaldi Who?"

If I had talked about "The Night of the Doctor" right after it aired, this is what you would have heard:


Fortunately for us all, there will be no squeeing or wibbling in today's podcast. There will be brief consideration of the petition currently asking for even more televised Eighth Doctor goodness, though.

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  1. It looks like the eigth doctor had a long life seeing we didn't see him regenerate till now it works so well

  2. So that's what I heard the other day (I believe I live one town over from you)… You may well have heard my *sqeeeeeing* last night when I finally caved in and watched.

    OMG that was fantastic!!! I've been listening to a great deal of Big Finish the last couple of months, and to finally get to SEE McGann in the role again (so far I just can't bring myself to re-watch the TV movie) was AMAZING!

    More more more, please!!!


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