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  1. Yeah, he is a safe choice and just different enough to help inspire the writers. And while a more interesting choice is certainly warranted (and eagerly awaited in some sectors of fandom), I have to think that with the current showrunner, that couldn't be done well. I love Moffat's work with Smith et al, but as talented as he is, the man has some powerful limitations in certain directions.

    I suspect that this choice of 12 is for the best under given circumstances.

  2. Outstanding comments, Chip! I find myself not having any strong feelings about Capaldi either way, not knowing his work; but I thought your point about how it would've been nice if the creative powers that be had taken this moment to give us a Doctor outside the normative social structure was an important point, and I'm glad you made it.

  3. Your Dear Santa letter was absolutely on point. I couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for pointing out that this choice, while it'll be far from disastrous, is absolutely status quo and thus (for me) pretty hard to get excited about at this particular moment. As if to overcompensate for this, there's just this blizzard of "PETER CAPALDI!!!" tweets flying around which are really not helping things one bit.

  4. "Looking like an authoritative member of the default British power structure has been the Doctor's real psychic paper for 50 years"

    OMG I <3 you for this.

    I am excited for Capaldi (and usually it takes me a while to get used to the new Doctor, ever since Davison showed up on my screen as a kid), I just wish that white dudes weren't the ONLY group under consideration for the role. But such is their power as "default".

  5. An amusing two minutes chip. Some good points made. I think Capaldi is a safe and un safe choice, he has played all sorts of parts (angry and quiet) he'll bring his own quality to the part. It may sound naive but I don't think race should come into the casting of the doctor, of course black actors can play the part of the doctor and should never be discounted, it just depends on what type of actor he is (white or black) and whether they are doctorish enough.

    I don't think an actress should play the part of the doctor, the doctor is a man. Why should the doctor suddenly re-generate into a woman(when melody re-generated into river, she didn't re-generate into a man).

    Actresses can play a doctor type role (sarah jane smith played a kind of a doctor role in the sarah jane adventures) and there have been some time lord female companions in the past.

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