2MTL 303: "Cold War" Reviewed

I guess it's possible that I'm simply a Bad Fan (™ Warren Frey), but I can't say that I was excited about the return of the Ice Warriors. Admit it: didn't the old ones look kind of — silly? Turns out the monster itself was mostly a triumph in "Cold War," but oddly this episode fell prey to one of "The Rings of Akhaten"'s problems.

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  1. It seems to me that Doctor Who has a responsibility as a programme to engender both those agendas to maintain and continue it's success,preferring one or the other is just personal preference.Popular Who frequently acknowledges tradition and innovates too.Letts/Hinchcliffe period Who regularly acknowledged tradition by basing stories around literary sources as well as subverting them by adding twists and unusual characters.I think married companions and Schrodinger pregnancies are as appropriate to Doctor Who as classic monsters.If something has proved successful before doesn't it deserve to be revisited?It's stupid not to use it's legacy too.

  2. Chip, your new series credentials show through in this podcast – seriously? Daleks a poor imitation of probe droids?

    The Ice Warriors, whilst a lesser Doctor Who villain, are a classic Doctor Who monster.

    You start to pick holes in Cold War, but the holes you are picking are endemic of Doctor Who in general. You question the whole premise of how the TARDIS got to the submarine. OK, lets question the premise of how it gets to where it is needed in any adventure, both classic and modern Who.

    You query the use of HADS – the adventures so far have been replete with nods to classic Who, its the anniversary year! For me it was a clever way of using it.

    Chip, in this year, of all years, Doctor Who is trying to return to its roots. Rings was a misfire of epic proportions, but Cold War was a glorious return to the Doctor Who that thrills audiences – a standalone, straightforward story that doesn't need three years of back story and obscure plot points to enjoy.

    This is what Doctor Who is about, and should be about. Good stories, told well. Multi layered continuity heavy stories will be the death of the show.

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