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  1. well I have to say that I didn't notice the cg using for the new console room, but it probable more to do with my eye sight going all to hell.
    as for the console room itself, I do think its an improvement on what we have seen so far. but it's not perfect, I don't like the ring on controls that run around the outer ring. people where comparing the console room as being steam punk. The colours uses suggested that. But at least the new console itself doesn't look like something the art department vomited up after going to a junk yard for spare parts. The soap dispenser on the console bugged me. you mentioned how people are calling the new console room retro and I have augured with me person that its more like the concept drawing that were done for a console room for Sylvester McCoy's doctor that never got made because the show was canceled. I would have said the console room was retro if it had been white and not the blue grey that it it now. I really do hope that we a shown more of the inside of the tardis.
    well now we just have to wait till the rest of the season to be played out to see if the new console room is something to enjoy seeing or not.

  2. Are we sure this really *is* a CG effect? I read the Michael Pickwoad interview in the new DWM and he talks about it a way that suggests the rings are a mechanical reality: "They actually move. When the bottom ring is turned the next ring goes the other way and the ring above it goes the other way so they all coordinate so they all coordinate with each other."

  3. honestly, i don't like the new control room. there are aspects on the 2010 control room i don't like either, particularly the stucco console. why couldn't they just retro-ize the console and leave the rest alone? i mainly dislike the new room because it reminds me of K-9's design in the aussie series. it screams sci-fi just as much as the 1996 room screams steampunk.

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