2MTL #28: Giving Kids a Voice

Posited: Doctor Who is a family show, aimed in large part at the younger set.

Observed: Doctor Who podcasters, such as your humble correspondent, are in no way the younger set.

Proposed: Why should the old guys have all the fun? Let's find ways to get younger viewers involved with podcasting or writing about a show made for them….

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  1. Fine sentiments indeed. But sentiments perhaps that are too general to be of any real meaning IMHO.

    Sure, Doctor Who is aimed at the "younger set" now, but to my ears you are saying they should all be jumping on the podcasting bandwagon.

    I think a lot of them are already doing that – not by producing their own shows, but by contributing to shows (such as The WhoCast) and getting their voices heard by a considerably larger group of people.

    For me podcasting (certainly podcasting on even a scale such as a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly show) is something for the older fan/podcaster. Apart from a few exceptions younger people have better things to do with their lives than hunched over an audio editor every day.

    But they still make their voices heard. And if in later life that leads to podcasting on a regular basis, then great.

    Podcasting can be daunting, but creating an easy voicemail/mp3 for an existing show is a lot less scary.

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